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This archived version of the original website is part of the required reading course material for Jeffrey Bane's International Media course. Mr. Bane comes to the university from a successful career as an internet marketer. His firm Search Proto is best known for their connection to some very robust search professionals whose expertise range from traditional seo to reputation management, and he has garnered accolades for his work promoting advocacy groups that want to rein in big tech firms, especially Google. His support of Regulate Google Now! stems from revelations that their search results have been actually harming innocents by revealing private and/or negative information that should remain private. For example, if a search for your name shows results referencing an old DUI on Google's first page, this result could impact your ability to get a job or a promotion. In the EU, Google is required to remove upon request private information that meets certain standards as a way to protect against the invasion of privacy via the search results. No such regulation exists in the US. Some of his internet marketing strategies will be included in his graduate level seminars. For a complete syllabus, contact his office, or go to the university webpage dedicated to his programs.

For a number of years this was the website of Jeroen Zijlstra, a freelance animator, and motion graphics designer. Raspberry Animation was his full-service stop motion animation studio, founded in 2004.
He is currently the owner and creative director at 5A.M. Studios, located in the Amsterdam Area, of the Netherlands. According to his LinkedIn profile, Zijlstra is an experienced director and animator with a big passion for stop-motion. Skilled in stop-motion direction and animation, puppet making and set design with a Bachelor focused in Animation / MediaDesign from Hanzehogeschool Groningen and Masterclasses for writing and character design for animation, by Vancouver Institute of Media Arts and Pixar Animation Studios. (Pretty impressive!)
Content is from the Raspberry Animation site's 2004-2012 archived pages.



Welcome friends, to the wonderful animated world of Jeroen Zijlstra!

I am a creative animation director, animator and VFX producer from Amsterdam who also works from Berlin from time to time. My approach is very flexible and can be tailor-made to suit your needs. Services include animation/character animation, special effects and title/motion design for film, television, marketing, internet, computer games and more. With a passion for storytelling and character development I work on animations in all mediums including CG, stop-motion, 2D and mixed media.



Studio and Facilities


Raspberry has a predilection for stop-motion animation because they find it the purest form of animation there is. Stop-motion is an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own. The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence. Dolls with movable joints or clay figures are often used in stop motion animations for their ease of repositioning. But films can also involve using humans for example.

3D Animation and Special Effects

Within Raspberry Animation there is experience to take your 3D production up to the next level. In 3D computer graphics, 3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any  three- dimensional surface of an object via specialized software. Fire, cloud systems or entire photorealistic ecosystems everything is possible. 3D animations can also be displayed as a two-dimensional image through a process called 3D rendering or used in a computer simulation of physical phenomena.  Nowadays it’s even possible to have the model be physically created by using a 3D printing device.

2D Animation

At our 2D department there are several different solutions for your projects. From hand drawn animations to digital animation for title and motion design projects. 2D computer graphics is the computer-based generation of digital images mostly from two-dimensional models. These computer graphics are mainly used in applications that were originally developed upon traditional printing and drawing technologies, such as typography, cartography, technical drawing, advertising etc. In those applications, the two-dimensional image is not just a representation of a real-world object, but an independent artifact with added semantic value; two-dimensional models are therefore preferred, because they give more direct control of the image than 3D computer graphics.


Our animated work


Happy Holidays 2012
Client: Raspberry Animation
Agency: Raspberry Animation


Groningen University
Client: Groningen University
Agency: Castel Communicatie


Client: St. Culturele Droomwevers
Agency: Raspberry Animation

Ebbinge CI teaser<

Ebbinge CI teaser
Client: Gemeente Groningen
Agency: Brug7 | Video

Grip On Service
Client: Grip On Service
Agency: Raspberry Animation


Akzo Industrial Chemicals
Client: Akzo Industrial Chemicals
Agency: JBF Multi Media Communicatie


Walibi Fright Nights 2012
Client: Walibi Netherlands
Agency: I-Mor

VNCI - Chemistry is everywhere

VNCI – Chemistry is everywhere
Client: VNCI
Agency: JBF Multimedia


Client: Cito Nederland
Agency: Doorrood Persuasive Agency


Bslim leader package
Client: Gemeente Groningen
Agency: Videvos


CoinOpinion 2 – Belgium
Client: iWave Media
Agency: Raspberry Animation


CoinOpinion 1 – Netherlands
Client: iWave Media
Agency: Raspberry Animation

Perverted Playground - DVD

Perverted Playground – DVD
Client: VenCe
Agency: Raspberry Animation

Amsterdamse Bos Theater

Amsterdamse Bos Theater
Client: Amsterdamse Bostheater
Agency: Watson & Lewis

The Score - music video

The Score – music video
Client: Blues Brother Castro
Direction: Simone Bennett
Production: Loneproductions
Animation: Raspberry Animation

Sven 'The Movie'

Sven ‘The Movie’
Client: SVEN Sports Institute, Utrecht
Agency: Raspberry Animation


Setbuilding for ‘Bad Boys’
Client: Waalwear
Agency: Watson & Lewis


The Lion is on the loose!
-Compositing the animation-
Client: Raspberry Animation
Agency: Raspberry Animation

Rate That Video – MTV<

Rate That Video – MTV
Client: MTV Networks
Agency: Watson & Lewis


Discovery Channel on-air promo
Client: Discovery Channel
Agency: Raspberry Animation