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At 5am Fox Studios, we specialize in high-end animation and video solutions for our agency, company and private clients. We provide end-to-end services for any type of digital products including TV commercials, Feature Films, Explanatory animation, interactive media and much more. We are passionate about storytelling and character development. Working in both traditional and digital animation, we find the right medium to tell your story the way you want it, whether it is through 3D animation, stop-motion, motion graphics or interactive presentation.


What can we do for you?

Creative consulting


Program leaders

Explainer videos

Visual effects

Technical animations

Character design


Our production process


 from Idea…

Creative consulting
Character design | Model sheets
2D/3D Concept art
Modelling | Modelmaking | Set building
Texturing | Shading
Animation planning (storyboarding)
Keyframe 3D Animation | Stop-Motion animation
Matte painting
2D-3D FX
Compositing | Edit

…to Final Product.


Animation is our life, but we can imagine it can be a very big world to choose from.
What solution is best? Lets find out together.

Services - Stop-Motion - Cuby


Dating back to over a hundred years, stop-motion is the oldest form of animation. We happen to be extremely passionate about this medium and develop both commissioned and own productions that stand out of the crowd...


3D animation

In today’s digital world, it’s sometimes almost impossible to tell reality from 3D animation. 3D animation is that good and now gives us the power of “anything is possible”. How amazing is that? We love taking on new high-tech productions...


Services - 2D - Mentos

2D animation

The clean and crisp design of flat icons and images in 2D animation make for a great medium to tell stories online. In today’s visual world, 2D explainer animations are an ever-popular way for companies to get their message across....


Services - Visual Effects - Walibi Fright Nights

Visual Effects

Visual Effects play a very important role in numerous productions. VFX bring your film or TV project to the next level, generating computer imagery to create environments which look realistic, but would be too dangerous, expensive, impractical....


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